How I work

“It’s the relationship that heals” (Irvin Yalom)

You might be looking for a counsellor for a specific issue, or because of a more general sense of something not being right in your life. I am an LGBTQ+ affirmative counsellor.

You may be feeling isolated, anxious or sad at the moment. Life experiences, trauma, injustice, guilt, attachments, relationships, family, work, health, money, can all cause us pain and sadness, leading to anxiety, grief, fear, shame, loss, low self-esteem, and emotional distress.

There is increasing evidence that even the most severe mental health problems are not the result of faulty genes or brain chemicals. They are a natural and normal response to the things that have happened – bad things happen and can drive you crazy.

The type of therapy I offer is called ‘Person Centred Therapy’. It is a non-medical, non-judgmental, non-directive approach to therapy. I offer an accepting, supportive and safe space for you to explore feelings, experiences, thoughts and memories at your own pace.

We can talk about whatever you want to. I will not make assumptions about you and I will listen carefully and try to understand you and your concerns. I will not direct, advise or guide you, or frame your distress as mental illness. I will ask ‘what happened to you – not what’s wrong with you’.

We can work together to talk through your concerns and feelings, and help you to make sense of your experiences, develop your own ideas, decisions and understanding of what is happening and the way forward. And I will be there beside you.