I offer online and in-person Person-Centred Supervision to trainee, student and qualified counsellors and therapists, and others involved in mental health work. I specialise in working with LGBTQ+/GSRD counsellors, and those working with LGBTQ+/GSRD clients. I offer an accepting, open, non-pathologising, queer-informed space, where you can develop your understanding of relational LGBTQ+/GSRD work and mental health issues.

There are advantages to online supervision including:

  • If you’re working online as a therapist, it may parallel and support your work to have supervision online too, and you might want to work with a supervisor who is online-aware and is trained in online supervision.
  • It also enables you to choose from a wide range of supervisors rather than who is available in your local area. This can also reduce travel time and costs.
  • It also means if you work with LGBTQ+/GSRD clients, you can work with a specialist LGBTQ+/GSRD supervisor from wherever you are in the UK.
  • Online supervision may also be a more accessible option for counsellors with disabilities, without facing barriers of travel, access to the building, neuro-sensitive environments etc.
  • And it is easier and quicker to share documents, information and web-links while using platforms such as Zoom.

My aim is to offer a supportive and challenging relationship in which you can explore and reflect on yourself, what’s going on for you, and your client work and relationships. I am interested in working in supervision with counsellors and therapists who want to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of gender, sexuality, and diverse relationships.

I am a qualified supervisor (Certificate and Diploma in Clinical Supervision with an Intersectional Lens, TA East London Institute). I also currently work as a volunteer supervisor in the counselling service at London Friend, London’s oldest LGBTQ+ health and wellbeing charity.

Supervision sessions are for 60-90 mins and cost £70+, some concessions may be available for students/trainees.